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  Shanghai Macduffie takes the Chinese mind and the world as its school-running philosophy. Inherit China's excellent cultural traditions, cultivate students 'feelings of loving the motherland, and at the same time benchmark the world's first-class education concepts and teaching methods, cultivate students' comprehensive qualities in all aspects, making them outstanding world citizens.




  While opening up international courses to cultivate students' academic abilities and innovative spirit, the school develops a variety of extracurricular activities and associations to allow students to learn from practice, form a sense of mission to better serve the collective and society through learning, and explore and discover their own strengths, cultivate students' care for the collective, improve the soft power of teamwork, communication and expression, and form a tenacious, confident and optimistic quality.First

  世界眼光World vision


  In order to cultivate students' respect for the world's multiculturalism and deepen their understanding of the world, we carried out thematic activities for students to study at Macduffie School in the United States, inviting American teachers and students to visit the school and Homestay, etc.

  不忘中國心Never forget the Chinese heart


  There is a course that does not require exams or grades, but it makes people grow spiritually and earns a lifetime. There is a classroom, which has no walls, tables and chairs, but it allows people to learn traditional Chinese culture here. The spring exploratory social practice is such a classroom. Students walk out of the campus and use their footsteps to measure the great Chinese mountains and rivers and feel the traditional Chinese culture.

  集體責任感Collective responsibility


  Cultivating students' concern for society and the collective, and committing to realize their own value in serving the society are the values that Harvard and Yale and other world-renowned schools strongly advocate. Our school also regards "collective" as its core value, as one of Shanghai's public welfare bases. By organizing a variety of public welfare activities, the school allows students to make positive contributions to their communities and society.Among them, CTC courses require students to complete at least 20 hours of out-of-school social practice in high school, and Macduffie courses and IB courses also require students to complete other social activities including voluntary activities.


  Shanghai Macduffie teachers and students packaged dumplings with their own hands. On the day before the Dragon Boat Festival, teachers and students and the village committee delivered the hand-wrapped fragrant browns to the homes of 90-year-old and older people in the Jinhai community.

  追求卓越Pursue excellence


  Macduffie encourages students to keep making progress and pursuing excellence. Whether in academics or in various activities, they strive to let students exert their best efforts to strive for the upper reaches. The school has organized the University of Pennsylvania ivy simulation joint competition, Microbiz simulation business competition, the world's top Waterloo math competition, etc., through the establishment of a rich platform for students to show their talents in various aspects, to prove their unique talents.


  The Ivy League United Nations Conference was held at Macduffie High School. Participants from 15 middle schools across the country spoke fiercely in their respective venues, stating the views of their respective countries in order to win more voting support. The entire English expression also tested everyone's English skills.


  The simulation business competition hold by our school is widely recognized by students at home and abroad. The competition fully simulates the real environment and decision-making process of the market and the company's operations. The "student company" that wins the most benefits and has the highest investment efficiency will become the champion. Students participate in mock business competitions to exercise their corporate management, teamwork, and economic analysis skills.

  創新精神Innovative spirit


  U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan believes that the future will be a technology-based economy and society, and STEM education is the key to maintaining the competitiveness of the United States in the future. Examination-oriented education is in the right position, and quality education is called vacant. China ’s basic education has a big gap with the United States in STEM education. However, Chinese students ’math and science test scores are much higher than American students’. , Providing hands-on opportunities and innovative platforms has become an important task of school education. Our school organizes STEM courses, organizes winter camps and summer camps at MIT, conducts marine robot competitions and other forms to stimulate students' creativity.




  Shanghai Macduffie School aims to cultivate students' good thinking habits and noble moral sentiments, and help students become a valuable, responsible, and respectful multicultural world citizen in the future family life and work. Cultivate students' collective ideas, integrity, and innovative spirit, and encourage students to pursue excellence. In the future, more exciting and rich activities will be held to benefit more Macduffie students.

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